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Creating personalized and captivating artwork commissions, my service brings your vision to life, ensuring a unique and meaningful piece tailored exclusively for you.

Live Painting

I offer a fun and interactive experience where art comes to life right before your eyes, adding joy and excitement to any occasion.


In-person events where my work takes centre stage. Inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of visual storytelling, with artwork for purchase available on-site.

About Me

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Illustrator & Acrylic Painter

Hey! I’m Julie Jpeg, a Toronto-based Visual Artist. My journey began at the young age of 4 when I brought a pencil and piece of paper together at school. The creativity hasn’t stopped since. Inspired by pop culture, African culture, and landscape views, I bring my ideas to life one canvas at a time. Please join me as I invite you to experience the power of art through my lens.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you to Julie for the beautiful piece created for my Friend. I asked for Julie to sketch a piece of my Friends dog who passed away, upon gifting her the completed piece she was in tears. The detail represented Jaspar so well, and is now placed on the wall for the Family to see, and remember the moments they had. Truly a masterpiece.


    Sept 17, 2023

  • Vanessa O.

    Words can’t describe how beautifully Jules captured the beauty and essence of my late mother in the portrait she drew for me. The amount of detail Jules added brought me to tears when I first saw it. My mother is fondly remembered for her eyes and bright smile and these physical features really shined through in Jules’ work. It’s truly an amazing reminder of my mother’s elegance and grace. Losing my mother has not been easy but I’m thankful I have something timeless to remember her by. Thank you Jules ❤️

    Vanessa O.

    Sept 19, 2023